Krishnaveni, Age 46, House Wife

I came to know through my friend who had reduced 5 kg at Leaf cure koramangala, so I visited Leaf cure with great hopes. I was 83 kilograms, after examining they gave me a 21 days programme and assured only 2 kgs of weight reduction. They were not using any high tech machines which I was very scared; it was just a simple external herbal treatment which they applied on my stomach for fat reduction. They gave me a diet plan to follow which was normal and i felt the difference from the 10th day onwards which made me very happy. After 21 days I lost 3.5 kgs and now they have given me a diet plan to maintain my weight. The best part of the treatment was that my thyroid levels have come normal. I would definitely recommend my family and friends.

Nivedha, Age 20, College Student

I am an engineering student and I was 77 kilograms with big issues with my overweight. My college mates used to tease me often, which was so irritating and gave me a lack of confidence. I had tried various slimming medicines and some dieting plans, but nothing worked out. I then tried with Leaf cure herbal treatment which was planned for 21 days, it was just an external treatment done mainly on my stomach. I felt the result from the third day itself which was unbelievable. They have given a good diet plan and to be frank I followed it only 50 % because I was a big foodie. Later they gave another diet chart which suits my nature. After 21 days I lost 7 kgs which was like a miracle to me. After 3 months I totally lost 18 kgs which gives me good shape and mainly my confidence back. So guess what I am telling others “Look I Am Back”. Thanks a lot to Leaf cure and their staff for making me healthy.

Priya Roy, Age 38, Sales Head (MNC)

I came to know about Leaf cure through their Stress care program conducted in my office. I liked their presentation so much and visited their clinic and enrolled myself also in their weight reduction program. Though I was not so fatty, but I need to look good since I was into sales. Initially I was 65 kgs, but after their treatment and some diet I have become 54 kgs which took around 3 months of time. They have suggested me how to maintain my weight and my food eating habits. Thank you very much and i have already referred three of my friends.

Ankur Singh, Age 31, Textile Business

I am basically from Punjab, but now am settled in Bangalore for the past 5 years. I am 5 feet height with weight of around 86kgs. I had recently got married, it was an arrange marriage and by god’s grace my wife was so caring and good. She just had one concern that wasto reduce my weight and become health conscious. I thought I would definitely do it for my wife. I joined gym but it was quite heavy for me, so my wife brought me to Leaf cure which she had heard though her friends. I thought my money and time will be in vain again, but it paid off well on my body. I lost 11 kgs in three months and now more than me my wife is happy. I have recommended many friend and my sister to leafcure.

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