Weight Loss

According to Siddha and Ayurveda, the food we eat is converted into energy and the toxins are removed from the body. However, if we do not use our body efficiently, these toxins are not removed in their entirety. Instead, these toxins accumulate and then wreak havoc on your body. Ultimately, they cause fat to accumulate in the body as well. This fat is stubborn and refuses to budge – no matter how much you exercise or control your diet.

Weight loss just through diet and exercise may not always be possible. Often, you need that push to fight fat and get rid of the stubborn kilograms in your body. With Siddha and Marma therapy for weight loss, you can efficiently cure obesity and get rid of stubborn fat with ease and with a minimal effort. It is a combination of years of research on ancient Siddha, Ayurveda &Marma therapies.

At Leaf cure we have got a six stage process for weight loss:

1. Patient inputs and history

At first the patient’s inputs are taken such as height, weight, age, other existing ailments, drugs, Genetic problem, physiological problems, BMI, Observation of Thyroid, PCOD, other hormonal imbalances, surgery /caesarean, hereditary issues, life style, food habits, previous weight loss treatments and other patient’s history are noted.

2. Diagnosis and treatment plan

Along with vata, pitha and kapha we follow other siddha diagnosis like examination of the tongue, complexion, speech, eyes, urine, stool, Pulse and palpatory findings in a patient. Based on the patient’s input and siddha diagnosis our physician will explain you the treatment plan required for best results.

3. Internal body Cleansing and diet plan

Our doctor will give you a complete customized diet plan along with some yoga movements. We highly recommend cleansing your body during the course of treatment by removing all toxic substances thereby refreshing your body.

4. Implement Siddha and Marma therapy

At Leafcure we have the most ancient and one of the simplest ways to burn fat from the body with the help of siddha medicines. At Leafcure, different herbo Siddha medications are applied and then with the help of marma therapy we stimulate certain Marma points in our body for effective fat reduction. It also helps to remove cellulite, tones the muscles and gives a good complexion to the skin.

5. Observation and result

Remarkable difference can be seen if all the therapies and recommendations are followed. The siddha medications used varies from patient to patient depending on their body mass index. The treatment procedure is carried out daily as per the doctor’s advice and the changes are observed keenly. We make sure that your treatment, diet and some yoga movements go correctly as per the treatment plan. For some patients we also recommend siddha and Ayurveda food products for faster and better results.

6. Maintain healthy life style

After the completion of weight loss treatment, we teach our patients to lead a healthy life style, proper diet and some customized yoga movements. Our staff will keep in touch with you for timely body cleansing and maintaining your body well to have long lasting results.

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